Protein Production

Protein ProductionAmong the several methods currently available for protein purification, only one offers the benefits of a largely matrix-free system, allowing proteins to be purified in their native state. This is important because protein conformation and behavior can be altered due to interactions with membranes or beads, changing the true character of the protein you seek to characterize. Under matrix-free conditions, such as those found within high-performance centrifuges, it becomes possible not only to purify by molecular weight, but also by density and conformation, features unavailable with membrane-based purification techniques. A centrifuge can generate the exact forces needed to purify (and, when needed, quantitate) a protein sample for research or therapeutic use.

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Products for Protein Production

Avanti JXN-26 Series High Performance

• Features support GMP Compliance
• Quickly isolate cells
• Rapidly remove debris
• Safeguard your final product

Optima Analytical Ultracentrifuge

• Characterizes quality
• Consistently verifies purity
• More reliable data analysis
• Real-time data analysis

Optima XPN Ultracentrifuge

• Features support GMP Compliance
• Purify high-quality plasmids for optimal transfection 

Sterile + Certified Free Tubes

• Maximize consistency of a high-quality final product
• Optimize workflow
• Improve data quality

HarvestLine System Liners

• Reduce biologics exposure
• Minimize sample contamination risks
• Optimize workflows


• Optimize analysis parameters for improved accuracy and correlation to alternative methods
• 24-position auto sampler enables walkway operation


• Quantify or characterize cells with specific biomarkers

*Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Biomek 4000

• Precisely track liquid level of tubes
• Provide a distinct interface
• Consistent fraction every time

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