Once considered a niche area of cellular research, exosomes—extracellular vesicles (EVs) packed with proteins and gene-regulating RNA—might represent the next generation of biotherapeutic delivery mechanisms. Consequently, interest in exosomes is rapidly expanding.

These EVs have already shown promise for use in diagnosing, monitoring and even treating a range of conditions, including some forms of cancer, as well as cardiopulmonary and neurodegenerative disorders. Developing exosome-based nanomedicines, however, is not without significant challenges. Chief among these are successfully detecting, isolating, characterizing and purifying the vast array of exosomes produced by various types of human cells.

Still, these tiniest of vesicles (typically 30–200 nm in diameter) could ultimately help us take an enormous leap forward in modern medicine. Learn more:

Products for Biotherapeutic Production

Optima Analytical Ultracentrifuge

Quick-turn optics for using absorbance & interference
Remote setup and viewing for simplified access to instrument details, live data, and data export
Faster absorbance scan rate and improved radial resolution enhance discrimination of similar components, such as viral particle capsids 
Greater wavelength precision yields more reliable results
Includes multi-wavelength (MWL) detector

Avanti JXN-26 Series High Performance

Perfect for shared labs or GMP environments
GMP supporting features and BioSafe** options
Quickly isolate cells
Rapidly remove debris

Avanti JXN-30 Series High Performance

• Widespread use in biologics production
• Personalized user profile
• Control access to centrifuge in a multi-user environment
• Max speed/g-force: 30,000 rpm/110,500 x g
Isolate microparticles fast and efficiently.

Optima MAX-XP Ultracentrifuge

Password-controlled security features
This tabletop reaches speeds up to 150,000 RPM
Remote monitoring and control 
BioSafety** options
Ideal for exosome purification 

Optima XPN Ultracentrifuge

Multi-layered BioSafety features 
Software supports 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Remote monitoring and control 
Networking capability 
Customizable security and tracking features
Proprietary software optimizes protocols

Avanti J-15 High Performance

UHT produces cleaner supernatants and higher yield pellets in less time
Detects imbalance within 30 sec of start
Optimized bench space with truly ventilated model
Utilizes laboratory air to effectively maintain sample temperature
BioCertified*** aerosolve canisters available 

Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability/Counting Analyzer

• Accurate and reproducible results assured by multiple external standards
• Facilitates your ability to be compliant with IQ/OQ Fully automated sample preparation
• Cleanroom compatible
• Key system components facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Quick-Seal Tubes

Eliminates most of the steps involved in capping ultracentrifuge tubes and cuts handling time in half
Filled tube is heat-sealed using a hand-held sealer
Ideal  for sample storage and for working with radioactive or pathogenic samples
Available in dome-top and bell-top designs 

Certified Free, Ultracentrifuge Tubes

Exhibits no detectable DNA, DNase, RNase, PCR inhibitors, or endotoxins*
Ideal for Genomics, Exosomes, and Proteomics workflows
Prevents sample degradation and contamination
Double-bagged to prevent contamination during  cleanroom transfer
Improve QC data quality

HarvestLine System Liners

Reduce biologics exposure
Minimize sample contamination risks
Save freezer space
Optimize workflows
Available sizes: 1L, 750mL, and 500mL 

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*Based on sample results below detectable limits.
**BioSafety are terms intended to describe the enhanced biocontainment features of our products.
***BioCertified is a term used to describe our products which have been tested and validated to demonstrate containment of microbiological aerosols by an independent, third-party facility (Health Protection Agency, Porton Down, UK or USAMRIID, Ft. Detrick, MD, USA). Improper use or maintenance may affect seal integrity and, thus, containment.