Viral Isolation & Characterization

Viral particles can be characterized in various ways depending on your intent. From isolation of viral particles, to their morphological, genotypic and phenotypic characterization, each method requires a uniquely qualified tool to produce reliable, quality results for viral identification. Sample workflows for viral detection and characterization can involve next generation sequencing (NGS), reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) protocols. See the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences product offering for your pathogen identification workflow.







Viral Isolation

Isolation and purification  Viral 

Avanti JXN
Avanti J-15/R
Optima XPN
Optima MAX

Our broad range of centrifugation products enable you to isolate virus from large or small volumes for downstream analysis 


Understanding the genetic sequence of the target virus
1. Amplify
2. Sequence 
Nucleic acid isolation for genotyping Sample RNAdvance
GenFind V3 
FormaPure XL
SPRI chemistry with high yields of gDNA or RNA, and flexibility for multiple input sample types. Automation capable (bead based) with established Biomek methods.
Biomek i5 or i7 Demonstrated methods for nucleic acid extraction. 
Genetic detection of the virus through automation PCR, qPCR, or RT-PCR
Biomek i7
Demonstrated and vendor-qualified methods for PCR sample prep. 
Echo with/without Access Systems
The Access Laboratory Workstation/Access Systems with integrated Echo, combined with PCR, qPCR or RT-qPCR preparation workflow, for high-throughput detection, genotyping or gene expression screening.
Construct the library for virus sequencing - identify genetic variants for evolutionary and epidemiological studies DNA
Biomek i7 Demonstrated methods for automated NGS sample prep with the Biomek i7 hybrid.
Echo with/without Access Systems High-throughput miniaturization of NGS workflows in reduced reaction volumes, to save on cost and sample input.
Enzymatic Reaction RNAClean XP
Use RNAClean XP or AMPure XP to purify nucleic acid products from enzymatic reactions to deliver quality nucleic acid with no salt carryover and without requiring centrifugation or filtration.


Understand the protein expression of the viral target
Viral characterization for surface expression of antigens
Particles, Cells  CytoFLEX with Violet Side Scatter  Direct detection of viral particles to 90nm using vSSC and fluorescence


Size, shape, structure of the virus

Characterize conformational changes, homogeneity, and shape for better understanding of the virus replication cycle.
Particle, Viral Optima AUC In conjunction with appropriate data analysis methodologies, analytical ultracentrifugation can be used to examine sample purity, detect and characterize conformational changes, determine subunit stoichiometries, characterize assembly and disassembly mechanisms of macromolecular complexes, and measure equilibrium constants and thermodynamic parameters of associating systems. Use the Optima AUC to characterize and quantify protein/nucleic acid interactions in solution.
Monitor changes in cell morphology Cells  Multisizer 4e Accurate cell volume determination with the Coulter Counter
Cell brightness, roundness, granularity Cells Vi-CELL BLU Cell culture maintenance; cell pathology


How the virus causes disease in target hosts (cellular morphology)

Viron isolation for downstream characterization and composition study  Particles, Cells MoFlo Astrios EQ Use the MoFLo Astrios cell sorter for downstream characterization and studies of viral composition, integrity and infectivity. Study composition of pathogen infection rate.

Viral Isolation & Characterization Workflows

Nucleic Acid Isolation from Viral Samples

Extract RNA from viral samples utilizing our reagent kits to prepare for downstream PCR protocols and data analysis.

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DNA Viruses

Genetic Detection of Viruses

Genetic characterization or analysis of viruses using PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, or sequencing can be setup with automated liquid handlers that enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, such as the Echo 525 or Biomek i-Series, for higher throughput and improved data management.

Library Construction for Sequencing Viruses

Library construction for sequencing viruses to identify genetic variants for evolutionary and epidemiological studies using RNAClean XP for cDNA cleanup and AMPure XP for amplification cleanup.

Viral Particle Purification

High-resolution isolation and purification of intact viral particles and plasmids encoding virus/vaccine production with Optima X Series Ultracentrifuges.`

Interaction Quantification & Characterization

Characterize and quantify virus/host cell protein/nucleic acid interactions in solution with the Optima AUC.

Flow Cytometry Viral Characterization

Viral characterization by flow cytometry using the VSSC on the CytoFLEX platform will allow you to detect individual viruses and characterize their surface antigen expression.

Virion Isolation

Isolation of virions by the MoFlo Astrios EQ cell sorter for downstream characterization and study of viral composition, integrity and infectivity.

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