Vaccine & Therapy Development

Solutions for each step of the process of vaccine and therapy development, from isolation and purification of biological molecules to development of cell lines to screening of drugs and efficacy/dosing studies.

  Vaccine Candidate Type  Application  Products 
Isolation & Preparation of Vaccine Strain 

Nucleic Acid (DNA, RNA)
Protein (mAb)
Particle (multi-antigen, viral vector)

  • Separation - Expansion, Multiple passaging, Harvesting
  • High resolution isolation and purification of intact viral particle and plasmids to determine how they're encoded with the virus. 
Avanti J-15/R
Avanti JXN Series
Optima XPN
Optima MAX-XP
Nucleic Acid (DNA, RNA)  Screening  Biomek i-Series 
Understand the genetic sequence of the target
1. Amplify
2. Sequence 
Nucleic Acid (RNA) based  RNA Sequencing Automated Illumina RNA method
Nucleic Acid (DNA) based  DNA Sequencing Automated Illumina DNA method 
Protein expression of the viral target 
Protein (mAb) based  Functional assay. Characterize and quantify protein and nucleic acid interaction in-solution  Optima AUC 
Size, shape, and structure of virus
Particle (Inactivated viral, viral vector)  Particle size  LS 13 320 XR 
Protein (mAb) based  Protein structure - characterization  Optima AUC 

Vaccine & Therapy Development Workflows

Plasmid Purification

High-resolution purification of plasmids for transfection and therapeutic vectors with Optima X Series benchtop and floor ultracentrifuges.

Cell Line Development

Development of stable or transient cell lines for the production of purified antigens using 21 CFR Part 11-supported Biomek i-Series automated liquid handlers.

Antibody Construction

Synthetic antibody construction by miniaturizing isothermal DNA assembly using the Echo 525.

Antibody Engineering

Antibody engineering using hybridoma based technology to make antibodies and evaluate their specificity with ELISAs using an end-to-end Biomek i-Series-based system.

Media Monitoring

Optimize and monitor media conditions and viable cell density for maximum product yield using the Vi-CELL BLU and Vi-CELL MetaFLEX.

Dose Response Assays

Dose response assays for assessing the effects of candidate compounds on multiple endpoints simultaneously, such as cell viability, apoptosis, and proliferation. The 96-well plate loader on the CytoFLEX flow cytometer as well as the built-in heat map tool on the software enables efficient data analysis.

Synergistic Dose Response Assays

Synergistic dose response assays for combinatorial drug repurposing using the Echo Combination Screen application on the Echo 650R.

Targeted Killing Assays

Targeted killing assays can be performed with flow cytometry to quantify the efficiency of target cell elimination. The 96-well plate loader on the CytoFLEX flow cytometer as well as the built-in heat map tool on the software enables efficient data analysis.

Infection Detection

Cell transduction and/or target-cell infection detection based on changes in the cell volume identified using the Multisizer 4e.

Testing Injectable Solutions

Particle testing in injectable solutions using the HIAC 9703+ , a liquid particle counter that can be adapted to work with small volumes and to safely hold the cone-shaped vials typically used for protein-based therapies during the safety test.

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