Understanding the Immune Response

Characterization of the immune response requires detailed phenotypic assessment of the adaptive compartment comprising of T cells, B cells and dendritic cells as well as of the innate defense including monocytes and granulocytes. While the cellular phenotype reflects the differentiation and activation status, functional assays provide insight into the inducible response that immune cells may elicit to orchestrate more systemic immune responses. Flow cytometry, with its ability to simultaneously measure multiple phenotypic and functional parameters at the single-cell level, provides system-level understanding of the immune response.

Solutions to Enable Your Immune System Research

Safer Sample Preparation

O-ring sealed Biosafe bucket covers and Biosafe Aerosolve canisters. Recover cells and other biologics faster.

Avanti Series Centrifuges

Increase Throughput, Standardize Sample Prep

Increase throughput and standardize sample preparation for ELISA or flow cytometry analysis with laboratory automation systems that provide data tracking capabilities and enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Biomek i-Series

Immunoprofiling and Immune Function Analysis

Study and characterize cells of the immune system across multiple sites with instrument standardization and tools for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer

Phenotyping Tools

Functional Assays

Sort Cells of the Immune System

Isolate cells of the immune system to evaluate and characterize a specific cellular response to antigens, small molecules, vectors and vaccines.

MoFlo Astrios EQ Cell Sorter

Functional Studies

Functional studies for drug discovery using direct dilution of compounds and biologics with the Echo acoustic liquid handler, an improvement over serial dilution.

Echo Acoustic Liquid Handling

Real-Time Visual Data Exploration

Visually inspect and prepare data for subsequent analysis. Identify known populations through hierarchical gating strategies, use overlays and comparison plots to compare expression patterns. Define custom sample reports and run batch analyses.

Kaluza Analysis Software

Machine Learning-Assisted Analysis

Use experimental variables to build dynamic figures to visualize complex data sets. Identify biomarkers and cell populations within complex data sets by using cloud computing for advanced machine learning assisted analysis, collaboration, storage and archiving required for securing critical data. Access results from any web-enabled device.

Cytobank Software

Tools to Enable Your Phenotyping Workflow

Leukocyte Overview

For assessment of basic lymphocyte subsets as well as subpopulations of monocytes

DURAClone IM Phenotyping Basic

Leukocyte Count and Viability

For absolute human leukocytes counting and viability

DURAClone IM Count

T Cell Maturation and Differentiation

For differentiation stages of human CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, such as naïve, memory and effector T cells

DURAClone IM T Cell Subsets

Regulatory T Cells

For identification & characterization of human FoxP3+CD25+ regulatory T cells

DURAClone IM Treg

T Cell Receptor Subtypes

For identification of the TCRs on the surface of mature T cells.


B Cell Maturation and Differentiation

For differentiation of stages of human B cells, such as naïve and memory B cells

DURAClone IM B Cell

Dendritic Cells

For identification of plasmacytoid dendritic cells and 3 major subsets of myeloid dendritic cells

DURAClone IM Dendritic Cell

Innate Myeloid Immune Cells

For human granulocyte subpopulations including expression of activation markers

DURAClone IM Granulocytes

Functional Assays

Inflammatory T Cell Response

For assessment of proinflammatory human T cell cytokine expression

DURAClone IF T Activation

Signature Cytokines T Helper Cell Subtypes

For T helper cell signature cytokine expression (Th1/Th2/Th17) in CD4+ T cells

DURAClone IF T Helper cell

Innate Immune Competency

For identification of  TNFα-secreting and HLA-DR+ CD14+ monocytes

DURAClone IF Monocyte Activation

PMA, Ionomycin and BrefA Positive Control Stimulation

For use in cellular activation assays and detection of newly synthesized intracellular biomolecules

DURActive 1

PMA, Ionomycin Positive Control Stimulation

For use in cellular activation assays

DURActive 2

LPS/BrefA Innate Immunity Stimulation

For use in cellular activation assays and detection of newly synthesized intracellular biomolecules

DURActive 3

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