Dried Antibody Reagents

How Dried Reagents Make Life Easier


Application Scientist Rita Bowers discusses how using dried down reagent panels changes her workflow and saves time.

Our proprietary dried reagent manufacturing process, powered by DURA Innovations technology, results in a room temperature stable reagent. While unitizing the assay replaces extensive management of single-color reagent inventory, the drying takes lab efficiency to the next level by allowing storage at room temperature for worry free storage and shipping. Dry reagent technology protects the reagent, maintaining performance over time.

DURAClone Antibody Panels

Dry pre-formulated antibody panels for rare event detection, immune function, immune system research.

  • Proven marker combination supported by peer reviewed citations
  • Open channels to add drop-in markers to modify for different research questions
  • Designed assay precision and lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Includes lot matched tandem dyes for compensation controls for improved accuracy
  • Includes optimized sample preparation and staining procedure
  • Streamlined workflow, just add sample, incubate, wash and acquire
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Your Clinical Research Trial CompanionYour Clinical Research Trial Companion

DURAClone antibody panels, warranted for 12 months stability and which can be shipped and stored at room temperature, enable the level of experimental rigor that is key to multi-centric and longitudinal clinical research studies

LUCID Custom Panel Design & Cocktail Services

This service offers flexibility to design a reagent & panel configuration, using Beckman Coulter’s large antibody portfolio, as well as choose the preferred reagent format in order to simplify workflow and minimize time spent on manual processes.

Dry Reagents Liquid Reagents
Dry (not lyophilized) custom reagents using the DURA Innovations
Single-color conjugations
Available in tube or microplate format as reagent reservoir
Optimized, multi-conjugate combinations
Optimized, multi-conjugate combinations
Bulk purified antibodies (you specify concentration and buffer)
Stable at room temperature (18°C – 30°C)
Warrantied for 18 months
Includes Universal Compensation Kit


Comparison of DURAClone and Custom Dry Plates Performance.

Comparison of DURAClone and Custom Dry Plates Performance. PBMCs from a healthy donor were stained with DURAClone IM T Cell (Part number B53328) or with a dry, unitized plate-based assay prepared in our LUCID Panel Design and Cocktailing Custom Service. Panels contained the same reagents but were not lot matched. Data was acquired on a CytoFLEX LX U-V-B-Y-R-I flow cytometer and analyzed in Kaluza Analysis software following DURAClone IM T Cell instructions for use. The bar graphs compare the population percentages for each subset analyzed and error bars represent SD across 6 replicates. Panel A is CD4+ subsets and Panel B shows CD8+ subsets


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