Kaluza Analysis Software

Kaluza Analysis Flow Cytometry Software is designed to simply and efficiently analyze multicolor data. Four persistent control panels provide access to every aspect of the data. Any changes made are automatically reflected in the analysis. The statistics are updated immediately and the population colors change, giving the operator real time feedback.

  • Kaluza Analysis Flow Cytometry SoftwareLoads any FCS compliant file through standard 3.1
  • Real time processing of multi-color files of up to 20 million events
  • Real time adjustments to data display, including unlimited undo
  • Context specific radial menus put functions at your fingertip
  • Enhanced color compensation algorithms
  • Built in batch processing for high throughput labs


LAG3 Expression AnalysisLAG3 Expression Analysis

LAG3 Expression Analysis. FCS files from representative wells from anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 stimulated and unstimulated PBMCs were exported and uploaded into Kaluza Analysis software. Using the composite function, three visualizations are used to demonstrate different methods to highlight differences across samples, panel A. Bar and line graphs generated in Kaluza using the Comparison plot allow the visual comparison of statistical results without the need to export data to another software package. Different histogram types enhance the qualitative display of data. Panel B shows an example of a customized report, including digital signature for documenting reviews.

Cytobank Plugin for Kaluza

Use the powerful tools in Kaluza to prepare data for Machine Learning Analysis. Use the real time feedback and efficient interface tools to adjust compensation, transform the scaling, and provide a quick overall assessment of data integrity. The Cytobank Plugin then uploads the file to your Cytobank account for further analysis by machine learning algorithms, data sharing and archiving. Use the de-identifier function to remove any personal identifying information or other FCS keywords from clinical trial data to maintain confidentiality.

Cytobank Plugin for Kaluza Cytobank Plugin for Kaluza

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