Biomek i-Series

Biomek i7  Automated Liquid Handling WorkstationMultistep sample processing

Integrate on-deck centrifugation or plate washers for higher complexity sample preparation requirements.


Add HEPA filtration as an optional component. Additional sample-, environmental- and/or operator protection solutions are available. We collaborate with third-party vendors to meet BSL-2 and BSL-3 lab needs


Achieve thorough mixing via a variety of on-deck devices. Easy integration of hotel/tower shakers supports the need for long-term shaking incubation.


Include workflow solutions that meet the requirements for assay plate temperature, CO2 and humidity environment needs.

Buffer & reagent management

Enhanced functionality enables easy access to standard on-deck reservoirs. Just-in-time reagent-filling reservoirs enable high-throughput, on-deck volume accessibility. Temperature-controlled devices help maintain the integrity of your reagents, buffers and cells.


Fully Automated Viable Leukocyte Cell Counting Assay.


Fully Automated Viable Leukocyte Cell Counting Assay. PBMCs were isolated from blood from four healthy donors and analyzed directly or after cryopreservation, as indicated. Cell counts and percent viability was assayed (n=8) using CD45, 7-AAD, and fluorescent counting beads in a dry, unitized plate-based assay prepared in our LUCID Panel Design and Cocktailing Custom Service. The Biomek i7 Automated Workstation was used to add sample to the plate and perform all mixing, incubation, reagent additions prior to moving the plate to the CytoFLEX LX flow cytometer with plate loader. Data was acquired with CytExpert software. For each sample the Absolute counts and percent viable measurement for each replicate are displayed in a column scatter graph with lines indicating the mean and standard deviation of each set.

Integration of CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer

Gain flexibility in your day by integrating your CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer to the Biomek i-Series Instruments for all steps involved in automated sample processing and data acquisition.

  • Assay plates are transferred with the Biomek gripper directly to the CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer.
  • Sample preparation data, such as sample ID, is correlated with the information collected from the flow cytometer
  • Specialized table allows the CytoFLEX to be used in manual tube mode when not needed for an automated assay run.
  • Onboard cleaning solutions can also be monitored and replaced as needed without dismantling the system