CytoFLEX Automation Assistant

The Automation Assistant for the CytoFLEX Platform increases sample throughput by automating the loading of plates into the instrument.

  • Accommodates multiple instruments, ambient plate hotels and automated incubators to scale to your workflow needs
  • Includes bypass function to reprioritize the order specific plates are acquired
  • Remote control communication allows efficient process coordination between the cytometer and the robotic plate loader

Integration with the CytoFLEX

The integration of the multi-parametric CytoFLEX flow cytometer to the Automation Assistant increases sample throughput allowing faster processing of high complexity assays. The Automation Assistant feeds plates, from a plate hotel, to the CytoFLEX and can hold up to (72) plates on the deck for acquisition. The flexible, user-friendly Automation Assistant software allows plate shuffling & STAT sampling as well as real time monitoring of sample acquisition. This versatile walk-away system improves workflow and can be customized to incorporate additional instrumentation including a second CytoFLEX, an incubator and bar code reader.

Automation Assistant feeding plates into CytoFLEX

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