Liquid Handling for Single-Cell Genomics

Low-Volume Sequencing Libraries from Single Cells

Single-cell genomics is essential for the understanding of genetic and epigenetic variations that occur throughout the life of an organism. For example, cancer research programs are relying on single-cell genomics to overcome the challenges with data derived from heterogeneous tumor samples by studying individual cell types within a population and rare cell events.

Reduce Reaction Volumes and Save on Library Prep Cost

Echo Liquid Handlers miniaturize library preparation for whole genome and transcriptomic analysis of genetic material from single cells. With precise, accurate, and non-contact transfer, Echo systems can reduce multiple displacement amplification (MDA) and RNA-Seq reactions by 75% or more. Libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS) of RNA or DNA can be reduced down to 1 µL or less.

Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler

The Echo Liquid Handler transfers reagents and samples from a source to a destination plate at reduced nanoliter volumes, with high precision and accuracy, reducing reagent costs, and enabling better success with these low sample input applications (pg range).  The Echo minimizes any sources of exogenous contamination as the samples and reagents are directly transferred by shooting the drops using sound energy from a source well to a destination well, and therefore minimizing any risk of well-to well contamination.

Utilizing Echo Liquid Handler's low-volume acoustic transfer capability to miniaturize the library preparation kits for RNA or DNA sequencing, researchers can drastically extend the number of libraries they can generate per kit. By cutting transfer volumes by 75% or more, and enabling simultaneous normalization and pooling of NGS libraries without an intermediate dilution step, the Echo can miniaturize and improve the quality of libraries prepared from single cells.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced library prep costs (~75%) through efficient reaction miniaturization
  • Maintaining or even improving data quality while reducing the reaction volumes below 1 µL
  • Great for single-cell applications, in which more comprehensive data is desired per single cell
  • Fast and simultaneous normalization and pooling of libraries without an intermediate step

Biomek iSeries Automated Liquid Handlers

Biomek Genomic Workstations

Enabling higher throughput while increasing efficiency, and reducing hands-on time, Biomek NGS Workstations provide flexibility to maximize scheduling your day. Demonstrated methods can be run start to finish with full walk away capability, and include optional start and stop points based on the kit vendor’s recommendations. Biomek NGS Workstations offer scalable automation solutions for NGS sample prep workflows including all steps involved from extraction through library construction.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced hands-on-time and increased throughput
  • Reduction in pipetting errors
  • Standardized workflow for improved results
  • Quick implementation with ready-to-implement methods

Genomic Reagents Portfolio

Our reagents are powered by Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization or SPRI technology, which uses SPRI paramagnetic beads to selectively bind nucleic acids by size. It’s ideal for nucleic acid extraction from cells, tissue, blood and even challenging formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.

Flow Cytometry

The power of high dimensional single-cell analysis and software that streamlines instrumentation operation without compromising performance.

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