PCR, qPCR, and RT-qPCR

Automated Liquid Handling Solutions

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a fundamental molecular biology technique to accurately amplify and quantify extremely low levels of nucleic acids and is currently utilized in numerous applications, including SNP identification, genotyping, infectious disease identification, genetic fingerprinting, DNA sequencing and cloning, and gene expression. Quantitative PCR (qPCR) and reverse transcription (RT-qPCR) followed by a qPCR are powerful methods for the detection and quantitation of target DNA or RNA sequences.

Amplicon purification and PCR setup, including laborious pipetting combinations of master mix, primers and samples, can be a bottleneck in genomic workflows. Automation of these processes can eliminate both human error and contamination associated with manual processing, while assuring high quality results.

Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler

Echo Acoustic Liquid Handlers —Reduce Reaction Volumes and Lower Costs

Assay miniaturization with the Echo Liquid Handler lowers the cost of 384- and 1536-well qPCR assays, and because the Echo Liquid Handler does not require tips or contact with liquids, any risk for cross-contamination is minimized. Additionally, precise and accurate transfer of sub-microliter volumes enables the addition of concentrated samples and reagents without prior dilution. With options for integrated plate handling automation and software tailored for genomic research, the Echo instruments can easily scale for production environments

High-Throughput qPCR and RT-qPCR Workflows Figure 1

The ability to conduct qPCR experiments in high-throughput formats can present a tremendous advantage for genomic workflows.

  • Reduced operating costs through efficient assay miniaturization
  • Improved data quality with accurate and precise transfers as low as 25 or 2.5 nL, depending on the model
  • Minimized chances of cross-contamination due to tip-less and contact-less technology
  • Fast and low-volume reaction setups in sub-microliter volumes, while maintaining/improving data quality

Biomek Automated Liquid Handling Workstations—PCR Purification and PCR Setup Reactions

AMPure XP kit is a highly efficient PCR purification system that delivers superior quality DNA with no salt carryover. Utilizing Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) magnetic bead-based technology which requires no centrifugation or filtration, AMPure XP can be easily used automated 96- and 384-well formats using Biomek automated liquid handling workstations.

The AMPure XP PCR Purification system is automated on all Biomek platforms and provides:

  • Standardized workflow for improved results
  • Reduction in costly errors
  • Reduced hands-on-time and increased throughput
  • Quick implementation with ready-to-implement methods
  • Knowledgeable support for reagents, automation and methods all from single vendor

Automate the pipetting-intensive process of PCR setup reactions for 1 to 192 samples in 96-well plates with any combination of master mix, primers, and samples using Biomek liquid handlers.

Biomek i5 Multichannel Genomic Workstation 

Biomek i5 Multichannel 96 Genomics Workstation

  • 300 uL or 1200 uL Multichannel head with 1-300 uL and 1-1200 uL pipetting capability
  • Enhanced Selective Tip pipetting to transfer custom array of samples
  • Independent 360˚ rotating gripper with offset fingers
  • High deck capacity with 25 positions
  • Orbital Shakers and 96 channel Tip washing for controlling sample processing
  • Optional Enclosure

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DNA/RNA Extraction

Increase throughput and help improve results for downstream genomic applications when extracting nucleic acid from blood, cells, FFPE, tissue or other sample types, using Biomek Genomic Workstations and Beckman Genomic Reagents.

Genomic Reagents

Powered by Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology, widely known for use in our Agencourt AMPure XP in which paramagnetic beads selectively bind nucleic acids by type and size, Beckman Coulter Genomic Reagents enable high performance isolation purification and clean-up protocols.

Biomek Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstations

Automate magnetic-bead based extraction and cleanups to improve the quality of samples going into downstream NGS, microarray, and qPCR workflows using Biomek automated liquid handlers.

Access Systems

The Access Laboratory Workstation and Access Systems offer walk-away solutions that incorporate the Echo Liquid Handler for a turnkey, automated solution for high-throughput qPCR studies.

AMP UP YOUR qPCR: Scalable Workflows for Viral RNA Extraction and Reaction Setup



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