Acoustic Liquid Handling for Protein Crystallography

Dispense a Broad Range of Concentrated Proteins and Sparse Matrix in Low-Volume

Dynamic Fluid Analysis Enables Initial Screening, Micro-Seeding, and Additive Screening

Structural biologists have long been forced to deal with the limitations of traditional liquid handlers when planning crystallization experiments. The Echo Liquid Handler eliminates these limitations by dispensing a broad range of sparse matrix crystallography fluids in low-volume increments of 2.5 nL.

Technology that Supports Accurate and Precise TransfersEcho 655T Acoustic Liquid Handler

Using Dynamic Fluid Analysis, the Echo Liquid Handler acoustically interrogates each well solution and automatically adjusts power requirements—helping ensure precise transfer of hundreds of crystallography screens with one self-adjusting fluid type. The Echo 650 and 655 enable varying drop ratios, micro-seeding, additive screening and co-crystallization experiments to be set up at much smaller volumes and much faster than traditional liquid handlers, due to non-contact and tip-less transfers.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate and precise transfer of a wide range of liquids
  • Non-contact transfer of crystallization screens, additives and proteins
  • Initial screens as low as 30 nL to scale up trials at 500 nL or more
  • Fast and efficient non-contact micro-seeding trials
  • Effective co-crystallization of proteins with compounds in DMSO

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