Echo Liquid Handling for ADME-Tox

Reduce reaction volumes and increase throughput

Enable Cost-Effective, Earlier Safety Screening

During drug development, ADME characterization is critical to measuring the kinetics of drug exposure and overall performance and toxicity within an organism. It is traditionally used during the later stages of lead optimization. Increasingly, though, research organizations are demanding earlier ADME-Tox studies to reduce late-phase drug failures and the associated costs.

Ensure your drug candidates are well characterized and development costs are minimized

Significantly Improved CharacterizationLabcyte ACME-Tox

Characterization of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (ADME) and Toxicity drug profiles are a critical step in drug development. Due to the expense of drug candidates failing into clinical trials, it is key to accurately determine drug characteristics earlier, and ideally in a cost effective manner. Using the Echo liquid handler, researchers are successfully implementing comprehensive ADME-Tox screens during the early stages of drug discovery, helping to ensure that drug candidates are well characterized and development costs are minimized. The low transfer volume increments of the Echo Liquid Handlers enable total volume miniaturization without sacrificing data quality. Non-contact transfer of drug candidates ensures that interferences from traditional liquid handling techniques (such as hydrophobic interactions with plastic tips) are minimized.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced reaction volumes and increased throughput for a range of ADME-Tox assays
  • Intuitive software applications to multiplex assays and dose-response conditions
  • Walk-up automation with the benefits of Echo liquid handling technology
  • Minimal training requirements