Get Higher Viral Vector Purity and Yield with Ultracentrifugation
Combine the Optima X-Series Ultracentrifuges  with the highest capacity vertical rotor on the market for reliable and reproducible results.

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Don't settle for less. Optima X-Series Ultracentrifuges provide the gold standard in purification.1

With networking capability and customizable security and tracking features to ensure chain of custody and compliance, the Optima XPN offers multi-layered BioSafety* features for a safe and productive work environment.

  • Equipped with the innovative eXpert simulation software
  • Compatible with extensive rotor and labware options
  • Backed by unparalleled service program options

Built with your lab's needs at the forefront

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Our Intellifuge calculator is a free, online tool that helps you calculate, convert and configure your centrifuge runs. Find compatible products or discover new ones with a click of a button.

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Easy-to-use Interface

We make it easy to learn, read and navigate the large LCD touchscreen. The Windows®-based interface makes training and usage easier while reducing setup time and the possibility for errors.

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GMP Supporting Software

Our Optima XPN ultracentrifuges offer solutions to support 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, making it easy to remain compliant.

Keep spinning with service you can rely on

Leave the maintenance to us with our expert service plans.

Let us help you get the training and maintenance plans you need to keep innovating with:

  • Start-up care to help get you started on your new instrument
  • Tailored post-warranty plans that fit your unique needs


Recover More Sample in your
Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation Application

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Extraordinary results begin with superior labware

Centrifuge Rotor

Produce more in less time with the highest-volume vertical rotor on the market

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Optimize your density gradient applications with guides from our lab to yours

Get 75+ years of centrifugation innovation in your lab

With lab efficiency, safety and compliance top-of-mind, we've built the Optima Ultracentrifuges to make your lab run better.

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*BioSafe and Biosafety are terms intended to describe the enhanced biocontainment features of our products. Improper use or maintenance may affect seal integrity and, thus, containment.

1 Rieser R, Koch J, Faccioli G, Richter K, Menzen T, Biel M, Winter G, Michalakis S. Comparison of Different Liquid Chromatography-Based Purification Strategies for Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors. Pharmaceutics. 2021; 13(5):748.