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"BioLector Pro is a highly valuable addition to our lab equipment. It is a powerful and userfriendly device that allows for rapid assessment of strain behaviour and performance under various cultivation conditions. Its high throughput helps us leverage the diversity of our protein production technology using yeast host Pichia pastoris. The distinctive BioLector Pro feature for us is the continuous feeding. This, together with oxygen enrichment and Flowerplates with pH range suitable for yeast growth, allows us to carry out high cell density fed-batch cultivations. The obtained results are reliable and predictive for strain performance in the bioreactor. Using BioLector Pro we can generate an ample amount of data in a few days’ time, which aids our process development from microscale cultivation to fermentation and speeds up process optimisation. The excellent communication with the customer and technical service at m2p-labs needs to be emphasized as well. The staff is professional, skilful and friendly and promptly responded whenever we required assistance."

Aid Atlic


“The Biolector system has been a powerful tool to understand bacterial response to different medium and environmental conditions in real time. The oxygen control is fast and accurate while the real-time biomass, fluorescent, and dissolved oxygen data are accurate to the minutes. Moreover, the support team has been wonderful. Delivery was fast and technical support are always professional and helpful. Overall, we are so glad to install this system in our lab and we look forward in continuing our partnership with m2p-labs for years to come.”

Dr. Patrick Kwan Hon Lee

"We have used the BioLectors to monitor dissolved oxygen and pH of our cultures in real time, which has provided us with valuable information on how our strains grow and respond to stress. We have also done screening of regulatory genetic elements using the BioLector system, which has given us valuable insights for metabolic engineering."

Jannick Imback and Thomas Tange

"We, at the Centre for Biochemical Engineering and Cell Cultivation Techniques, have had a BioLector in our laboratories at the ZHAW since 2012. In recent years, it has been used for various research projects, including process development for MRSA antibodies and virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine process development, media optimization for CHO cell-based antibody production, media and production screening for the development of chemically defined media as well as for projects with insect cells. The BioLector, which has proven particularly useful for high-throughput fermentations with online monitoring of biomass, pH and dissolved oxygen (DO), was also used in 2020 for the process development for a bacterially produced COVID-19 vaccine based on VLPs. Thus, using design of experiments (DoE), different clones and media, cultivation and production parameters could be tested and evaluated during a relatively short time. This allowed for a rapid scale-up to pilot scale by first considering the evaluated critical parameters via the BioLector, then via shake flasks and the ambr250 benchtop bioreactor system. During this time m2p-labs supported us, as in previous years with advice as well as rapid supply of equipment, allowing us to successfully finalize our projects."

Cedric Schirmer

"Due to the automated liquid handling system and the real-time growth characteristic measurements of parallel fermentations, lesser time and lesser materials were required to obtain the biological data compared to the traditional shake flask cultivation."

Dr. Kocharin Kanokarn


"My team and I have been using the RoboLector system supported by m2p-labs for over a year. We selected the RoboLector system because it offered the best package of technology to increase our fermentation process development capability. Since the Robolector installation it has proven its worth assisting fermentation scientists, molecular biologists and chemists to increase experimental throughput significantly and generate better quality data. Automated precision sampling and feeding of controlled 48-well microbial culture has enabled us to achieve many project milestones significantly quicker than anticipated.

The RoboLector has allowed us to build complex statistical (DoE) models, including screening designs and optimisation designs for media development and early stage parameter development with ease, and such have been successfully scaled into stirred tank reactors with minimal adjustment. The use of the RoboLector online data monitoring of pH, DO, Biomass, productivity (GFP, RFP detection) and analysis software has provided better data than orbital shaking culture and so has significantly reduced routine flask work. The disposable technology means quick set-up and no clean-down times for fermentation.

The technical support from m2p-labs has been high quality and customer focussed. This technology would be useful to anyone wishing to increase their fermentation development capability and general data quality for all mandatory microbial cultivation within a small footprint."

Neil Triggs


"At Joyn Bio we have the advantage of high throughput synthetic biology to develop new strains, thanks to our partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks. The BioLector [microbioreactor] allows us to screen a much higher number of early stage synbio strains in fermentation than we could with any other type of fermenter, as well as allowing us to easily monitor the progress of the fermentations and collect the data for later analysis. The flower plates and other unique design elements have allowed us to work with strains that require efficient oxygen transfer as well as strains that do better under lower oxygen conditions. The team at m2p-labs (Beckman Coulter) has been with us at each step and has been great to work with as far as installation and training. We've invested in more BioLector microbioreactors now that our programs are expanding and we look forward to a long partnership with their team."

Kelly S. Smith, Ph.D.

"The RoboLector enables us to optimize fermentation media fast and cost-effective. The combination of media preparation and parallel fermentations in microtiter plates is a useful tool in the development of new biotechnical processes."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Percy Kampeis

"Already during my dissertation, the BioLector II served me as a very helpful, high-throughput screening tool for the development of new E. coli expression systems. Compared to conventional shake flasks or deepwell cultivations, we were able to gain numerous new insights into gene expression through online monitoring of fluorescence, biomass, pH and DO. Now, as a Scientist in the BioProcess Development Team at BIOMIN, we have the opportunity to go one step further with the BioLector Pro. By actively controlling the feed rate and the pH value, we are able to screen bioprocess engineering parameters in the microliter scale, which can then be transferred, very reliably, to larger scales. This approach is not only used for E. coli but also for P. pastoris, probiotics and filamentous fungi. Furthermore, the standardized microtiter plates prove to be very useful, as cells can be separated very efficiently in conventional centrifuges or can simply be transferred to another microtiter format using multi-channel pipettes in order to carry out further analyzes. Finally, I would like to highlight the excellent support from m2p. Whether by e-mail, phone or in person, customer support is very professional and issues are dealt with quickly, so that there are never any longer downtimes of the BioLector Pro."

Dr. Artur Schuller

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