BioLector XT Microbioreactor

History and Evolution


m2p-labs was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the RWTH Aachen University in Germany to revolutionize high-throughput microbial cultivation and improve researchers daily workflow.

During the next few years m2p-labs' solutions for micro cultivation were nominated and won several start-up business and innovation awards. Until today, m2p-labs' innovative product developments are focusing on microreaction and automated solutions for screening and bioprocess optimization.



A milestone was the market introduction of the first BioLector microbioreactor in 2007: an instrument that helps researchers to increase daily microbial cultivation throughput and strain screenings. m2p-BioLector


This was followed by the launch of the patented FlowerPlate microtiter plate in 2008 for 48 parallel cultivations and online measurement of biomass, pH, DO and fluorescence. The innovative flower-shaped well geometry dramatically improved mixing and gas/liquid mass transfer. FlowerPlate


As a next step in 2010, the launch of the RoboLector platform for automated micro cultivation took place – a flexible system easily integrated into customer workflows. It combines the high-throughput cultivation and online monitoring capability of the BioLector microbioreactor with the precise and accurate liquid handling of a robotic system. RoboLector


Reaching for a higher level of innovation, the launch of the BioLector Pro microbioreactor in 2015 was achieved. This system combines scalable BioLector technology with a microfluidic chip and performs high-throughput cultivations in batch or fed-batch mode together with online monitoring and the control of biomass, pH, DO, and fluorescence.

The BioLector Pro microbioreactor is considered a high throughput cultivation solution all over the world for a wide range of applications, such as vaccine development, pH profiling, feeding rate and media optimization, strain screening, growth characterization and many more.

BioLector Pro microbioreactor


On the track for continuous improvement and innovating solutions for customer needs, in 2018 m2p-labs was first to market low pH optodes (pH 4-6) and, in 2020 launched the Gen2 Microfluidic Microtiter Plates. NextGen-Microfluidic Microtiter Plates


In late 2020, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences acquired m2p-labs to expand its cell health, liquid handling and laboratory automation business, and to enhance time-saving solutions for cell line development and process development workflows. m2plabs-Beckman


And now? We listened to our customers to drive innovation and launched the BioLector XT microbioreactor. This is the next generation high-throughput microbioreactor that enables real-time evaluation of biomass, fluorescence, and other key cultivation parameters for aerobes and anaerobes—to quickly provide deep insights into your bioprocess development. BioLector-XT

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